I stumbled across a used Mesa Boogie Rocket 440 in a used music store and liked the tone i was getting out of it. Its 40 watts and has 4 ten inch speakers in it. Do you think that this enough power to cut through when playing with other instruments? I turned the volume up to 3 and it was pretty loud. But I've heard complaints that when the Rocket440 is cranked up it turns to mud, is this true?

I saw a Peavey 5150 combo also, how are those?

I play mostly metal music, but i do like to have a decent clean tone too.
I'm not sure if a half stack is too much power or if a combo isnt enough.
Can anyone else recommend any good amps? and do you think combo or stack is better?
My budget is 500-1000$
40 watts should definately be plenty to cut through, i use to use a 25 watt solid state and it just barely cut throught, but it still did, so 40 im assuming tube watts is definately enough
Yeah. defo
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40 watt tubes is defiantly enough.

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How much was the rocket 440?
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Thanks everyone!
I think im going to go try that 5150 II combo today and i'll see how that goes.
There are some halfstcks in this price range, like a Bugera 6262 or some peavey and old Randall stuff.
Do you guys prefer cabs or stacks and why?
everyone here is gonna say combo because theyre portable & just as loud etc.
I like head/cabs
thats just me though
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id get a bugera head and can if i were you
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How much was the rocket 440?

The rocket440 and peavey are both 650$ but i think i could talk the guys down to 500 or maybe a little more.
A bugera stack will run like 800-900 bucks, so thats still in my price range. I just dont know if a stack is too much power. I'd like to turn up the amp and get the tubes hot, so i think im leaning towards one of the combos.
The 5150 combo is so unbelievably loud, it could easily drown out the rest of the band no problem.
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