My crate blue voodoo has been having problems recently. I bought it used four or five months ago. Every time I play through it, I get this high-pitched squeal that is insanely loud, or the sound cuts in and out. I have ruled out my guitar. I kind of think its the input jack on the amp, and if so how do you replace it?
Is there crackling? If it's the jack there would probably be crackling. To me it sounds like a bad preamp tube, maybe, maybe a bad power tube. I start out by getting a few preamp tubes and systemically switching each one out (for one you know is good) to figure out the culprit. If that doesn't solve it try replacing the power tubes.
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There isn't any crackling, but when I move the input jack on the amp around It fixes for a minute.
Jack's are the easiest thing to change if you have some soldering experience, if not then take it to a tech, shouldn't cost too much