I really Like The Sunburst one. I wnt to play many genres, from Eric Clapton stuff, To Linkin Park, to some Chiodos, and Avenged Sevenfold. Ive been playing and taking lessons on an acoustic for about a month.. I am using my dad's Ovation Applause Summit Series Acoustic.. I wanna switch to an Electric..I went to Guitar Center today and fell in "love" with the HSS strat.. Its new for $449.99... I 'tried' to play some stuff, and sounded awesome.. My dad said that he will get it as long as I show him that I practice, practice, practice, and put everything I learn from my instructor to "heart".. Then He will get me it. Is it a good guitar for the price?? Also, There are two amps that I like, the Line 6 Spider 15 WATT, and the Peavey Viper 15 Watt... which is better?? Also, any other Advice is Appreciated,.. Thanks.. BTW, Im 14 yrs old.

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pretty decent guitar. that ovation is good too. as far as amps go, i highly suggest against the spider. if you like the peavey go for it. personally, i would get a nice little tube amp with nice cleans and a distortion pedal, but that's preference.
I like the spider better. Fender HSS Strats are really nice. It might be a little hard to get an avenged sevenfold tone on it, but it would do fine with Linkin Park and Eric Clapton.
You should convince him to get you a used MIM Deluxe Strat or a MIJ Strat instead, better value.
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The MIM strats are great guitars. Try to look for one used, too. I personally prefer a humbucker in the neck position but that's just me.

I also despise the spider 3 amps. I have a vypyr 15 and it was the best $100 i've ever spent. When i go to my friend's house his spider 3 rapes my ears with it's bad tone. The spider 3 is also not versatile at all and what it does best it doesn't do very well.
get the strat, great guitar for the price, and get the peavey, line 6 sucks.
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I got a HSS MIM Strat as my first guitar, versatile as hell.

Would fully recommend one

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Quote by Fenderhippie69
get the strat, great guitar for the price, and get the peavey, line 6 sucks.


When will people not degrade the whole brand because of one product line...
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