hi, i have an epiphone les paul standard and whenever i play a note it gets more intense the higher the fret, I get a note stutter like do do do dooooo, and after 1 second of strumming the note rings but not for long . it can be heard when not plugged in (kinda hard to here) but when plugged in it is not as intense on the treble but on the middle and rythm pickup switches its easy to be heard. I know it is not the electronics, I had my guitar tech rewire the whole guitar and get new pickups and it still does it, the saddles seem to be fine but i did order a new one for free just to see if it works, i think it may be my nut thought (see pictures) they may be too deep or wide? My intonation is fine and my neck has been checked for high frets. Nothing is vibrating (ive put a cushion around the pickups) ive held every part of the body down and it still does it. My action is fine (higher than most les pauls). Just let me know what you think the problem is.

Must be the nut then..
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Ok, hey how do you like your shecter and your gibson studio? im thinking about gettign a C-1 Classic or a gibson Les paul vintage Studio, which one do you like more?
ill say its a backbow. if the nut was the problem the entire string would have the same shutter anywhere on the neck.
yea the nut is pretty much what it would have to be
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Well i did order a new saddle and nut from epiphone for free once i get them installed il lsee if it still does it, ill also get a luthier to double check for high frets and the trus rod and the backbow, what is a backbow?
Wow. No its not the nut like this dip****s suggest. All you need is an arm adjustment, There is a metal arm that goes out through the neck of the guitar, You have to tighten or loosen it. Take it to a guitar shop its only a 15$ fix.
Your talking about the truss rod right? I had that adjusted a while ago by a tech and what do you mean the neck angled backwards