My electric isn't working right now, and probably won't be in the near future. Is playing on an acoustic the same way i would on an electric spoil me, or do the opposite and train me? What im trying to say is, If I play on my acoustic for quite some time, once I go back to electric will playign electric be much easier than before or be difficult to get used to again?
acoustics are generally (not always)a little harder to play than electrics, so if anything picking up an electric after some time will make it feel easier to hit notes and play faster. No harm will be done playing one for a long time, just play and after a couple minutes itll come right back to you
itll most liekly make you better, as acoustics are harder to play (eg pressing down the strings and wider frets). It'll also callous your fingers much better.
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also you will get pretty good at bending because its much harder to bend on acoustic strings so when you move back to electric it will be easy
yeah, I practice on my acoustic so much that my electric chops have become ridiculous. Its a good idea regardless of your gear situation.
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