So I currently play on a ****ty Behringer starter amp and I have some cash, so I really wanna upgrade. I play Metallica, AILD, Bodom, Dream Theater (eventually). I was originally eyeing the Spider III but after doing more reading it seems that I can get much better for the price, though I really like all the effects and settings on the Spider.

So pretty much, what amp would you recommend in the 300-600cad range? Im not gigging currently but its not out of the question, and Im a sucker for fiddling with lots of effects, so any help would be great!
You might be able to find a used Peavey XXX combo for that price. I snagged a mint "used" 6505 combo off of ebay for about $700CAD a couple years ago. I don't think the speakers had been broken in yet, so I use the term used lightly

I'd definitely avoid the spider :P
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