Okey, So I'm wondering if theres any site where they sell Fieldy's K5 for less then 750$. If there is, please respond here or E-mail me. Also, if you want to give my any tips about the K5 please dont hesitate on posting. (I can buy for up to 850$, but rather not spend more then 800$ maximum ^^) Thanks for your time.

Note: I'm living in a small town in Norway, we don't even have an instrument shop here, thats why I need to buy from the internett thanks.
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Check pawn shops or Ebay. The pawn shop near me has one there at the moment for £300 which is just over $400, unfortunately I'm in South Wales which is miles away.

It could also be worth having a look at the SR505, the spec isn't much different to the K5 and it's quite a bit cheaper.
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Thanks a lot for the information, and I will look into that. Also, I've heard SR505 is good as well, but still, K5 Is abit better and it suits my playing style perfectly. And its also abit special having the 10th anniversary Signature bass of Fieldy isn't it ?