Alright, so I've been playing for about 2 years with an Epiphone LP Special II and a *holds up flameshield* Marshall MG10CD...

Anyways, I need a new amp, preferably one that is more versatile than my current setup.

Size isn't really an issue for now, considering I don't have a band, and i use my amp for playing at home.

I play mostly 80's metal/classic rock, along with Metallica, etc.

I have it narrowed down to one of these three:

Roland Cube 15X - $89-100

Roland Cube 20X (because of the effects that the 15X doesn't have) - $170

Peavey Vypyr 15w - $100

Any suggestions?
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My gear:

Memphis les paul (fixin it up as we speak!)
Schecter C1 plus
Ibanez RX 240 (been sold)
Peavey envoy 110 (Pretty dang good!)
Some washburn acoustic...
Versatility means effects and many modeling styles or simply an amp that you can tweak to liking with the turn of a knob ?

Small tube amps have beautiful tone, are lots of fun tweaking the knobs to nail true tones and hold their value, you can usually play with the simple volume knob to go from jazzy cleans, lightly overdriven blues, blues-rock, rock, hard rock and with an overdrive you get to metal.

A small 5w head in the likes of blackheart, epiphone, or a small combo like the fender champ 600 (that's got a speaker out so that you can plug in a cab) or the gretsch 5w. Plug them into a 1*12 for home use, and if you try it into a 4*10 or 4*12 you won't even believe it, the volume is very impressive (for the blackheart at least, that'S the one I have).

A used epi or blackheart would cost the same as the cube 20, minus a 1*12 cab (fork another 180 +-). Sure it means a little more buck, but for a whole lot of bang.
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Versatility for me I would probably say effects-wise...but there's my problem, I don't know whether to spend money on an amp with a bunch of effects or just a good reliable tube amp or such...