Here's my latest work... it took me all of today to finish. It has no vocals yet, so I guess it may seem a bit repetitive at the moment. Enjoy

First track.

Crits are welcome, and I'll check out your song as soon as I can.
I'm definatly loving this.
The guitar and synth is sounding sweet
Would really like to hear it when it's complete.
Please PM me if you get some vocals on it and also "Sky Limit" , really digging that track as well.
Hey do you think I could some fusion-ish jam over "She's The One" ?
If yes, you can choose what to do with the finished product.

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1087245
Thanks, I just crit your piece too. And by all means, you can do any kind of jamming over that song, or any other one you'd like. You're a great player, and I'd love to hear what you could come up with
very chilled and relaxing. just needs a lil more added to it so it can stand out a lil better. but great work so far. the synths r a nice lil touch. vocals would really make this great and then maybe a nice little simple solo towards the end. great work, keep it up. could u crit mine
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