Okay well I have been playing guitar for about one year and two months now and I want a les paul that is affordable ($1100-) and can play well. I have looiked at guitarcenter.com for some guitars and this is something that I would like: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Les-Paul-1956-Goldtop-Electric-Guitar-101392173-i1149978.gc

It the 'Epiphone Les Paul '56 Goldtop Electric Guitar' any good?
^^^A high end epiphone is so much better then a studio..

try and look around for a epiphone elitist les paul
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^^^A high end epiphone is so much better then a studio..

try and look around for a epiphone elitist les paul

I would get a Standard, Custom, or Elitist whatever one you like best
gibson LP studio
Epi elitist LP
ESP/LTD EC 1000 or 500 if you don't mind EMG's/can do a pup change
some ESP eclipse come stock w/ a JB/59 as well.

I think that covers the ones people on here will tell ya
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What styles of music and the current amp and guitar you have now? There are alot of styles of les paul, and they cover alot different styles, and it won't make a giant difference if you get a good intermediate Les if your amp is crap.
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les pual custom or other set neck model + new bridge pickup( to whatever style you want ) = a win

polish the fretts and set the action and your set
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A epi standard is the basic thing, but choosing a good one is the real issue, the neck jobs are often a little ****ty, sometimes a whole lot. Epi customs are basically standards with added eye-candy. While elitists are work of art most of the time.
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If you like blues/blues rock or an 'overly open sound' get a Studio with a natural finish. Combo'd up with a Fender HR deluxe it sounds really, REALLY nice comparable to other LPs imo. I just like that sound you get when the guitars' wood is as unconstricted as possible.
An Epi Elitist would be an excellent choice. I might also recommend an Epi Custom, and then spend the difference on some good pickups for it. I got an Epi LP Custom last year and put Duncan 59's in it (Alnico V) and this thing screams with the best of 'em.
Also, my friend recently got a Shecter Classic. If you're not hung up on the shape of a LP, then this would be a great alternative to Epiphone.
They come stock with Duncans, Grovers, and Tone Pros bridges, and sound amazing.
Shecter Tempest Classic
I am more of a traditional guy, so I like the traditional body style of the Gibsons and Epi LP's. But, if I woulda known about these Schecters when I got my Epi LP, I probably could've saved myself on the pickup upgrades and got the Tempest Classic, instead.
That goldtop is hot, but make sure you want a P90 guitar before you purchase it. P90's are not humbuckers, but they also rock and are good for hard rock and classic rock.