Hey, I was asked to teach my friends lil brother guitar, i havnt been playin too long myself (bout 2 years) and its just to get him goin until they find a more permanint teacher (mayb 6 weeks) but i will b gettin paid so i want it to b a valuble hour. I hav no idea were to start. I would love to teach him a basic song, what would be good to start out with that a nine year old could master within a week r two. I was thinkin then just teaching him a few chords like g,c,d, am, em just to start out with, what do you think? If youve any other ideas i would be more than appriciative cus i would really like to make this a success. Thanks guys.
make sure you show him basics on the guitar, like how to tune, and hold a pick, and how to hold it in your lap. how to fret. then procede to maybe teaching him a 1 or 2 string song. get him familiar with the sound a guitar makes, and how to pick and fret. then work on some chords.
maybe knockin on heavens door and simplify the strum pattern a little its easy that was my first song
just teach him the guitar parts how to strum and pick properly... things like that then teach him an easy song
im starting th same thing, i was planing on just getting him used to the guitar and used to playing, teach him some easy stuff
oh and when teaching him how to remember the strings names use Every American Dog Goes Bowling Everyday seems to work great for kids
Thanks for the help guys, realy appreciate it. I was thinkin just the start of 7 nation army by the white stripes as and easy song but i dnt knw if that would b seen as easy. I want to get him playin sum songs that hel recognise so that hes interested straight away. Do u hav any ideas of sum easy picking songs. Thanks again.