Okay, so recently I purchased my Rhoads and it has a Floyd Rose.
I need to change the strings but everyone is telling me that the Ernie Ball
have to much elasticity (or however its spelled.) for the FR. But I usually use those.


just go ahead and try it
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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Ive got ernie ball power slinkys on my FR guitar, set it up when i had it and havent needed to tune it once and ive given it a fair shoeing, not even fine tuning. So i dont see a problem
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with all strings no matter what they are, when you put them on a FR, you lock it in the bridge, then you stretch the strings a bunch, then tune and lock them down at the nut
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I've always bought Ernie Balls for all my guitars and have never had any problems.
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+1 to hybrids. When i use to put DR's on my ibanez the high e used to break all the time, Ernie Ball strings last me a hell of a lot longer