Check out some AC/DC stuff, it's all pretty easy though you may have a little trouble with some of the solo's if you're just starting out. Take it slow at first and I'm sure you could work it through though.
^Yeah, AC/DC is a good place to start, especially since TS is an AC/DC fan. Highway to Hell is a pretty good song to start with.
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Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers... the first song I learned all the way through.

Great song also.

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What kinda music do you like?

And as long as you can fairly easily play powerchords then there'll be alot available to you, also anything by Nirvana, Blink 182 or Green Day would be an easy place to start from.
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except you dont do open on the low c string you do it on the f string
but the only downside is it doesnt have a solo
Surfing with the Alien.

All you need to know is to strum a couple little notes with minimal hammer-ons. It's a total beginner song.
Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd

*Rhythm part*
*Has a solo part*
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Yep, a lot of the Nirvana, Green Day, AC/DC songs will really help you get the basics down while playing something you are familiar with.
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Surfing with the Alien.

All you need to know is to strum a couple little notes with minimal hammer-ons. It's a total beginner song.

get back under your bridge troll boy
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get back under your bridge troll boy

I hardly think 'Get Back Under Your Bridge' by Troll Boy is an easy song to recommend to anyone.

It's got way too many complex and unfathomable parts to it, not to mention the fact the solo part is totally out of time with the rest of the music.
yeah, Smells Like Teen Spirit for sure. First song I ever learned. Or Truth, by Seether
Haste the Day- Breaking my own heart
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Cannot agree more with AC/DC and Nirvana. Good songs and not too hard to play overall. A few Smashing Pumpkins songs, such as Disarm, are fun and not all that hard to play (I have found.)
shook me all night - acdc
The solo is all minor pentatonic, and the whole thing is pretty easy, and fun to play
inb4 iron man

lawl. good song to start on.

slower metallica is fun, and it usually helps you learn well.
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smells like teen spirit

Yep, easy song and easy solo. Also, your introduced to power chords.
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i've only just started playing, started about 3 weeks ago, im rubbish but i got a lot of patience & a lot of determination!! the first song i am trying to play is "machines" by biffy clyro (ha i'll get there in the end)
Eagles-Hotel California, Smoke on the water, or Blackbird are a relatively easy songs
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