Yesterday, I got my once-per-10-year Pertussis shot at the doctor and at first I felt no pain or anything, but 5 or 7 hours later, my arm started to get numb and tense, which my doctor said was normal. Today, it still hurts a bit, but its getting harder to play guitar. I've tried John Petrucci's stretches, but the stress and tension haven't subsided. Is there anyway to reduce this tension or should i just wait until the pain goes away?
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which my doctor said was normal

^What he said.

Wait.. until it goes away. The muscles are most likely tensioning up due to the reaction with your vaccine. So, stretching out will probably not help, same with playing guitar. So wait until it goes away. Going 2 days without playing won't kill you, you know.
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It can't hurt you to play through the pain. This is not an injury andit will go away eventually. When I was running a few years back I had one of these and my arm would be dead on everything over six for a month or two. Luckily guitar is not nearly as physically straining on the shoulder as running is. I'd play through it but do whatever yo want. Either way, nothing to worry about.