I have a drummer we have been jammin, im going to have a bassist come in within the next week. I need a way to amplify vocals, what would be the best way to go about this? I have a 60w SS guitar amp but I hear it doesnt sound very good and could hurt the amp. I really dont want to spend much, I plan on getting a good PA one day but I dont want to blow a few hundred on a small PA when I know someday ill get a large PA. Any suggestions?
you could use a spare bass amp. A bass amp speaker can handle the frequencys of the average human voice. Thats what my band does and it works fine.
there are some really cheap PA's too on www.musiciansfriend.com. that or use a bass amp that you have kickin around.
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Yea I see PA Packages for around 200$ with two 10" speakers 100w system, but how loud would it need to be for a band jamming to keep up with the guitar amp and drummer?
Keyboard amps work well also.
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Buy a cheap bass or keyboard amp. My band got by with a 45w Behringer keyboard amp for a long while.
a guitar amp wouldn't likely get damaged unless your singer is a bass (or maybe a baritone) won't sound very good, but it's workable.
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