Has anyone tried out an Ibanez Destroyer? I recently discovered them in a catalog for zZounds. I've never seen them before and I love the Explorer+Iceman thing its got going on, not to mention in comes with 2 Dimarzio Activator X's. My local GC doesn't carry them so I was wondering how they fair
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My friend has one, it's pretty bad ass. good for metal, it has a pretty fast neck
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Its actually a reissue of an older guitar. Ive heard that they are pretty fast.

I also know Matt Bellamy used to smash them on stage as well..


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yeah i have an ibanez destroyer! its awesome man, and it was only a cheapy(but not one of those **** ass ones). but i put dimarzio's in it to make it sound better. the new DT-700's come with them already though, so they would sound great! i might save up for one.
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That's a cheap one. Nice ones look like this:

TS, presumably you're talking about the new ones, right? It should be very nice indeed. I'd buy it.
i played one, it was pretty nice, it wasnt prestige nice, but i must admit for $200 use it was damn nice.
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yeah the old Dt-400's. adrian smith and dave murray had the best destroyer's around the time number of the beast came out.