currently i'm not in a band but i love jamming so i recently had the idea of trying my hand at wrting my own music problem is though all i play is guitar idk how to play drums bass etc... so how would a compose music for a whole band if i can't nor have anyone to play the other instruments?

thanks in advance
well for bass, if you are stuck you can always just have the bass follow the guitar, it's boring but it gets it done
Programmed drums and MIDI bass. Google that. There's plenty of info to be found.

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For the bass you do as the dude said and make it follow guitar or you can make something grovy in the same scale of the guitar (If you have guitar pro you can try funny things)

For Drum well try to stay with the basic high-hat, snare, bass drum
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If you play electric, you're almost screwed.
Acoustic, though, is pretty easy.

If you need more info, message me.
i have guitar pro 5 but nothing i come up with for those instruments sound good and on the occasional time they do nonoe of it sounds good together