This song is called, if you failed to read the title "Rise Above". Normal text is sung as normal, bold text is shouted (between singing and screaming), and bold + italics are screamed (Although you can still understand it. This is not blackened death metal.).
This is a work in progress, so I will post the next few verses later.



You stand up, beside him.
You fall down, behind him.
And you don't even notice.

You should live and you should learn
but you crash and you burn.
And you don't even notice...

Living life
on the seams of your dreams
and you know,
just where that will get you...

Trouble ahead,
you will find there's no place
you can hide,
where will you be when he's through?

You (You)
You deserve better than this (this)
He's pushing you down (down)
Into the abyss (down, down, down...)

He's pulling you in,
but you can crawl out,
not a matter of when,
it's a matter of now.

Not a matter of why
it's a matter of how...

*/ Spoken softly
(Try this)

I must get out!
It's hit or miss!

I will rise above this!


More to come when I get over my writers block.
All crit. is appreciated!
Rip Kylee Harris 4.13.93-11.28.08
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Nice. Not over the top and not too bland. Needs some heavy riffing during the verses, imo.

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