Is it a reliable/good 7-string? It's one of the cheapest out there so I'm wondering if it's any good.

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Well ive played the vendetta 4.0 and it wasn't that great, but it looked nice.

I could imagine the quality of the Vendetta 1.7(?) to be basically the same quality as a 7 string Squier. You should definitely try it before you buy it, but saving up for a better 7string would be a wiser idea.
agile has cheap 7 strings, and are way better
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It's a pretty good guitar. More of something you'd get to modify to your specs though. My friend has one and he changed the pups to the Dimarzio Steve Vai 7 string ones. If you're on a budget and wanna modify something to your specs, go for it. If you don't wanna have to deal with all that, get something else.