I was just curious to see if anyone out there knew how much these heads are worth. I'm draw to this head, but I can't find a price range for it anywhere.

Any ideas?
gibson custom 1957 les paul goldtop darkback reissue
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They are decent heads imo, I had an Acoustic 164 combo. Very versatile, great tone. I believe they were close enough copies of the Mesa Boogies that they had to stop making them. I think to the right buyer you could get over 500 bucks, but it might take a while to find a buyer. Great amp though.
Hmmm, I found a combo on ebay that already sold for 495.
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I guess my 500 guess was pretty close. I think you could get more if you were not in a huge hurry to sell, these amps are pretty sweet, and some might pay more for one, they are pretty hard to find.
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