im going buy either a DSL100 or a JCM900 soon, im looking at this second hand one (JCM900 Dual Reverb) and a Marshall 1960a cab, €800 for the two but could more than likely get him down a bit, and want to know if they are versatile enough to get a range of tones from Hendrix/trowerish vintage crunch tones as well as getting those slightly fresher Joe Bonamassa tones and maybe even SRV'ish type cleans.

i want to be able to get close to those tones and would like to know if the JCM will cut it or would something like a DSL100/50 be a better way to go, bearing in mind that i want to have more than one channel

thanks for any help lads!
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eh it doesn't really pull off old classic rock tones that well, but the DSL might not be much better.

If you go with the DSL go Head/Cab, the 401 has an awful speaker.

I'd suggest looking at other stuff, the 900 and DSL aren't really classic rock oriented amps.
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I prefer the DSL over the 900 in tone, the 900 is really modern voiced and has a bunch of gain and really isnt what your looking for. Id get the DSL or look at some other amps...
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I think the DSL100 has a voicing much closer to the Marshall superlead than the JCM900 and would really be much better than the JCM900 for the styles you're talking about.