I say Vypyr. That way I can get yelled at by some one who's not "on the bandwagon".

But srsly, Peavey Vypyr.

Vypyr. I own it and love it to bits
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those are all opinions and thats the general concensus here, but you may find you like the spider better. But odds are youll like the vypyr better, try both.
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wow. spider hate overrides everything, apparently. usually there would be about 10 people in here saying that versus threads are against the rules.

and they'd be right. what exactly are we comparing them for? tables? guitar amps? and what beyond that?
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I still prefer the Roland Cube over the Vypyr, but apparently the Vypyr is the new practice amp that makes GG&A wet between the legs. Try all 3, none of them are hard to find.
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I've never played a Spider, but I bought a Vypyr 15 for a practice amp and am impressed with it. I have an mp3 clip of Vypyr tones in my profile (called Vypyr sample tones). Since then I've upgraded the 8" speaker to a 10". I find the distortion tones a bit gritty, but I'm in love with the punchy cleans from this little amp.
I prefer the Vox Valvetronix, but almost anything's better than a Spider.
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