Ok, so I posted a while ago asking a couple of questions on where I should go, etc.

This is my progression so far. I have begun taking classes, which btw, I highly recommend to anyone. All my friends say I wouldn't need it, etc.. but my progression ( I guess I -wanted- to progress quicker etc, so I practiced a lot more ) has been much quicker then without a teacher.

However, heres my trouble now... I guess I over practiced the last couple of weeks, and I had this mentality, the more I play, the better I'll become in the long run/quicker, etc. soo... I tried to practice 2-5 hours a day.. and still do, but have cut down the past couple of days because the area between my thumb and index finger are in pain. It's sore as hell I guess, I don't know, I slowed down for a bit the past couple of days but it still seems to come back pretty fast when I play. I was using a lot of finger drill exercises + scales ( simple ones, pentatonic as im still beginning ), and chords. On top of this I was using the varigrip to work my fingers while I was at work. Here are some of the exercises im doing to strengthen my fingers..

1434x2 across the fret
1424x2 across the fret

1234x2 ''
4321x2 ''
14341424 ''


Some stretch excercises...

123 skip fret 4 ''
1 skip fret 234 ''

1 skip 23 skip 4

At the moment I really want to practice, but my thumb area mostly just hurts a lot, am i doing something wrong?... or should I just cool it for another week, I don't know - I want to progress and practice.. but it's pretty painful. thanks
Stretch your hand out more before you play and I'd take a week off of playing to let it heal. It can really hurt your hand if you continue playing.
If it hurts I can't stress enough that you take a break. Try relaxing your muscles, it will help loosen up your hand. I've been there before and actually came very close to severe carpal tunnel, so I know what it's like. All you can do is go easy on your hand for a while and focus on relaxing when you play. Comfort is the key to progressing trust me.
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it's weird cause I already have taken it pretty easy, its been 3-4 days of not so serious playing @ all.. it's almost like a burning sensation? kind of directly under the thumb or right around the area...