I'm already in a band I'm very serious about, but its not being much of a 'learning' experience for me.

I'm one of those "yah, we need a rythm guitarist" choices, I'm not bad but I'm not really "good" either. I can write my own rythm riffs, and a few lead riffs, I know my music theory so harmonizing and such isn't to hard for me.

I'm very easy to get along with, and in my band I'm known as the person who keeps any and all fights (including volume wars) from breaking out.

Probably not the best ad, but thats besides the point.

(Also if you live in HB and just want to jam sometime, let me know)

Please add me if as a friend I helped! (I like to think I'm a friendly person)

what type of music are you into?

i am more of a pop punk type/alternativeperson
but i am sure we can work something out

i am from fountain valley
and i'm 17 so theres not that big of an age difference
I could be interested But I'm only 13 and I'm in a semi-band situation so I don't know.
Please excuse my godawful username. I was thirteen.