Im planning on buying a '59 Danelectro Reissue within the next month or so. I need to upgrade my amp and need your help. What would be a great amp that would play nice clean and bluesy tones of the Dano but also handle metal/core/punk for when i use my Ibanez? My budget is not much $200 USD or so.
Yeah, out of all the modelers that's probably the best choice.

I personally would go for a Fender Champ 600 and a Micro Metal Muff (or look on eBay for a Boss HM-2) but that's just me.
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The Valvetronix is the best choice for handling blues and midgain out of the lower priced modelers, IMO.
^The Fender Super Champ XD and Vibro Champ XD are both pretty good at it, too.
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Just wanted to chime in about the Super Champ XC. I love it, it is a bit more than 200 bucks ( I paid 250 for mine, but got a deal because the salesman misquoted the price at first, I think they are around 325). The sound from it is amazing for the size and price.