Yeppers, this is my foray into this style of dark music. Inspired by Akira Yamaoko, Brooke Johnson, and several others .

Very simple, short, and dark. This is the intro to a black metal album, so take that into consideration, as black metal and ambience seems to go good together

It's a concept album, and the title and album title will give it away

Enough smilies, enjoy it. Pretty decent in my opinion.
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I'm critting as I listen on MIDI.

The waves intro it kinda normal. Nothing too special about it.

The chords and the melody on whatever it is, strongly remind me of Legend of Zelda. Especially once the organ comes in. When it does though, it doesn't seem to fit all that well.

The choir is pretty good. I like how it melds with the strings.

The thing the strings did at 1:18 was really cool. I really like the chord progression here. I dunno why. It just really fits. The choir and organ add alot to this part.

The part at 1:45 is where you should bring back that little melody in the beginning with that one instrument.

The following chords, again, remind me of Legend of Zelda. It's very ambient, I could definitely see this on a black metal album.

Back to that one part with the second strings added into the mix. I like this part alot. But I think this time you could change it up a little bit? Add a different melody over it?

My favorite part starts at 3:17. It's still very Legend of Zelda. It reminds me of Majora's Mask when the moon is about to kill everybody and the music gets very melancholy. The piano is very good here, but I think it should be turned up.

The last chord seemed a bit too "jazzy" for a piece of music like this... maybe something more dark?

Very good start. Very ambient. I think it would work amazingly as an intro. If it were to be on an album though, you should have it blend into the next song on the album with no pause inbetween. I give it a 7.5/10. It's a good, dark, ambient song :]

Well dark and ambient, it is indeed. Not my cup of tea however but I can see it on a black metal album

And replying to your crit, I am not influenced by the Amott brothers in any way, I don't listen to Arch Enemy that much or any of the bands you listed

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Sorry for the super-late response, brah.

I was kinda bored up till bar 37, I though there could have been a bit more "going on," if you catch my drift. But after that it was very nice, and the piano at the end was... unsettling, very nice job there. Although some parts I couldn't help but grin in cheesiness, MIDI just really doesn't do this sort of thing justice haha.