Hi Guys

so I am thinking that i want a nice, bang-for-your-buck, halfstack. So ive been looking around local stores and testing out lots of different brands, but i have not been able to fine the brands orange or randall and i was wondering if they are good because if they are, i'll keep searching but if they aren't, i'll just skip them.

so let me know what you think. i play everything from classic rock, to metal, but i also hope that they have a nice clean channel
look online

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121

why, gods of UG, why?

Budget? Bang-for-your buck is a completely invalid method of quantifying value on anything except a personal, individual basis.
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Orange is hardly "bang for your buck." They're good amps but they're expensive, and unless you really like the Orange tone in particular, then you might be better off spending your big bucks elsewhere.
Buying a stack that is "bang for your buck" is also a fairly stupid thing to do.


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