Everyday I Walk

Under grey skies footsteps follow cracks
to nowhere. No choice but to hope
they lead toward something better than
a gloomy walk.

From time to time I glance
at the fancy cars passing by,
and the blurred faces give
no indication to the questions
I ask. These faces
hold no answers for me.

Not yet have I found the answer
as to why I'm walking.
While there is no reason to go on,
there is no reason to stop.
I'll go on.

This is for a poetry class i'm taking. It is supposed to be a "Poem of trope." (aka metaphor for the most part, comparing an activity to . . .) I'm struggling really bad doing this. This is supposed to be comparing the walk to my search for meaning of life. Like I said, I'm struggling.

Things im looking for:
- ways to increase imagery
- clarity issues
- increase the metaphor (not sure if its even qualifying as a met. right now)
- general crap.

as always, C4C.