that was pretty nice, im usually not into that sort of thing but i thought it was cool
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tremelo the brown note until she caves
Nice but those nylon strings are holding you back in my ears. I just dont like the sound of them for percussive guitar.
It flowed really nice Juan, I liked it a lot, even though it was only 20 seconds worth of playing
My basic chords and sacles where teached by a friend who is now my band guitarrist.
But all my playing has been developed on my own
Ruinas Circulares
I don't mean to be a downer but I thought I'd offer some constructive criticism.

Firstly I have never really like percussive playing so it was never going to be my favourite song in the world, but you're really giving your guitar a good whack and not really getting enough out of the notes. You just get this 'thud-ka-chunk' all the way through and sometimes it just sounds like there's some building work going on in the next room.

Also, I'd maybe put in a bit more consistency into the percussive bits, you change them up a lot and it's quite random. Instead of a big loud bang every so often then keep it subtle!

Good playing though.