I recently picked up a DSL 50 and was wondering are there any bands that are using these live that any of you know of. I mean the whole JCM 2000 line, not just the DSL50. The only ones I am aware of are Jeff Beck, Richie Sambora, and Gary Moore. Anybody else that anybody can think of out there?
Steve Mazur from Our Lady Peace did for a while, but not anymore I don't think.
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I would say you can get tones close to the 800 on the crunch channel, not quite but it is very close. I can also get very convincing plexi type tones out of it. I am quite happy with the purchase. I didn't realize there were very many artists using the JCM2000 series. When the JCM800 was out everyone was using them, even quite a few artists using the JCM900, but the 2000 series seems to be very under utilized by professional touring guitarists.
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I know both the guitarists from My Chemical Romance use them, as does Quinn Allman from the Used. Dave Baksh used a DSL50 when he was with Sum 41. Basically 90% of pop/punk bands today will either be using a Mesa or JCM2000.
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how does it match up to the JCM 800?

Brighter, more open sound. JCM800 is darker, sounds a little compressed in comparison but "ballsier."
Yeah, My Chemical Romance uses them, although their rhythm guitarist uses a JCM 900/800, just to let you know.
Matthew Bellamy from Muse also uses one, IIRC.
But, overall, Shadow is right: most pop/punk bands today are using the JCM 2000.
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Basically 90% of pop/punk bands today will either be using a Mesa or JCM2000 or an Orange.


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Matthew Bellamy from Muse also used one, IIRC.

also fixed.
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