OK so I have a gibson sg standard and I only got it because it was used and i could afford it but my true passion is with les pauls> (yes I am someone who sees the name and assumes it's good) but there are all different les pauls and it confuses me. I may not be able to shell out 2200. but please mention the best for 2200. the best for 2000, and the best for about 1800. just in case. I have a crappy marshall Mg (please do not bother me about that btw) but I plan to upgrade to a marshall tube amp like a jcm or dsl. or an egnater. which is another topic i need to post. so you guys aren't lost on what i play, I play rock- modern, classic, heavy rock, i play occasional experimental and stuff. but you know the typical rock and some blues. IN terms of bands, i want to be able to sound (of course it's in the fingers) like the killers, blink, rhcp, all the way to guns n roses, jimi hendrix, van halen, ac/dc. the ultimate sound is a heavy distorted sound thats not metal. i dont know how to explain it. i also want a good crunch. i know im rambling about total bs but w/e. i also want decent cleans but more importantly distorted. plz keep in mind that it will be going with marshall or egnater tube head and cab. (soon )
btw im new to this so if i did something wrong just call me a noob and call it a day.
get a Carvin
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i personally loved the classic series, only reason why i got a lp standard cause i got it for a good price, the pickups in the classic 496 and 500t are the highest output pups next to the dirty fingers made by gibsons.
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get a Carvin

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Les Pauls are way over-priced, you will be much better off getting a custom shop Carvin. You can choose your own specs (wood, finish, pickups, etc.), and save a hell of a lot of money.
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If you want a high quality Les Paul for less than $1500, import an Edwards from Japan. They rival Gibson Custom Shop Les Pauls in terms of overall quality. Also check out Tokai or Epiphone Elitist Les Pauls, they're on a similar level to Edwards. Blink-182, RHCP and Hendrix all used Stratocasters, by the way.
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If you want a high quality Les Paul for less than $1500, import an Edwards from Japan.

I strongly disagree with this, I've played several of these and I've never been particularly impressed, same gos for Tokais, they aren't bad, but can't touch higher end Gibsons.
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I would go with a used Standard, and put any extra money towards the amp. Or if you shop around, a new standard.