I was getting pretty good at tuning, I good tune all the strings correctly to eachother fairly quickly, but my bottom string was so out it just wasnt funny. It sounded to flat, so I tightened it, and I think i over-compensated, because by the time I got down to the 3rd string, it was just marginally flat, so I tightened it and snapped. It gave me a huge fright, buy now im wondering, how serious is this?
I know you can buy strings and change them, but how easy is it? This guitar is 1 and a half months old, so how close were the strings to needing changing anyway?
Yeah, that was pretty scary...........
Changing strings is pretty easy, but the kind of guitar you have will determine how you change the string. What kind of guitar do you have?
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its easy! depending on how much you play and how obsessive you are. people will change strings every week, 2 weeks, 2 months. if you really dont care 6 months. i prefer the 1-2 month--new strings feeel soooo good!
strings are like a buck for a single string just go out and buy one and replace it... but yeah if you play as frequently as i do (about ~7 hours a day, its all i do besides work) you should change them ATLEAST once a month.

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You probably didn't pick up on the fact that it was an octave higher than it should have been as you tried to tighten it. A lot of people restring their guitars every 2-4 weeks, but I just leave mine on until they rust or snap on their own

Edit^: If you're going to replace strings replace all of them, do not switch out one string at a time.
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i change strings just when i break one, and it takes like 1 or 2 months to break it
I have an acoustic guitar. And are all string shte same? Or do I need a specific type?
And I see how you put them onto the head of the guitar, but they just seem to "sink" into the bridge, and i dont know how to take them out.

Why should I change all the strings, not just one?
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haha wow I remeber my first broken string...

You dont have much to worry about. Get a new pack of string (yes, and entire pack since you prob dont know what kind is already on there) and replace all of them. For string types Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings are great and standard. the cost is probably less then $20 but more then $10 (I play bass so for regular guitar strings I cant give you an exact price). If you play a certain genre, ask about strings that sound better when playing that genre (I.E. for metal you might want heavy strings).

Now changing them is a lot easier then you think. Just go on youtube and type in "How to change guitar strings" and watch 1 or 2. You can even add the name of your guitar for better results, or just ask your guitar teacher if you have one.
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I have an acoustic guitar. And are all string shte same? Or do I need a specific type?
And I see how you put them onto the head of the guitar, but they just seem to "sink" into the bridge, and i dont know how to take them out.

Why should I change all the strings, not just one?

No, they aren't. Acoustic strings are for the most part thicker than electric strings and are made of a different material - bronze phosphorous - whereas electric guitar strings are usually nickel wound. The gauge of the string (thickness) is also something to take into consideration. I think the usual gauge for acoustic strings is .012
Ahh...my first broken string. I was very lucky, I broke it when I was changing the strings. I was taking it off and ended up turning it tighter instead of looser. In the end it came off which was good I guess but it scared the hell outta me. Its what I get for facing it differently I guess and using a peg winder.

As far as what kind of strings to use, I use D'addario lights on my acoustic, the Phosphor Bronze ones. They work just how I need to.

And as far as how often to change strings, I usually end up changing them every few months. Depends on how much I have been playing it really because I don't like dead strings. I love the fresh sound.
if its acoustic i would recomend (i cannot think of the name, but someone will help me out) its the kind that have a special coating on them that keeps them from rusting, and they play extremely well. there a bit more expensive (maybe 24-25) but they play great and last a long time.
^ Elixer, typically known for their coated strings that have nice glide with low noise from it, last a really long time, and expensive.

They are usually Coated Phosphor Bronze. I believe those are also D'addario EXP. But Elixer is known for it.
Changing strings the first time is challenging for the beginner, but trust me it's not that hard. Use an electronic tuner if you're afraid of snapping the string again.
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Thanks for the help, im think my dad will pick me up new strings today after work, as well as an electronic tuner with a metrenome on it. (Is Korg a good brand?)
Oh, and how do you take out the pins?
My fingers dont work and i dont have one of those special string winder/ pin remover things.
Congradulations at losing your guitar virginity .

Now how DO you remove that pin =/? I just got an acoustic, and if I break a string...
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Push the strings into the guitar while you are pulling up on the pin. Jiggle both if that doesnt work with straight pressure. Try not to force the pin though. Korg is a good brand, i use the Kord CA-30 and so do a lot of others.
Most peg winders have a little part cut out at the top (where the peg goes). Wedge the pin inside that cut out and just lift it up.
I just changed mine. Although it is time consuming, it is fairly easy in my opinion. I uploaded a video from Paul G a while ago where he tells you how to change a string from my DVD. Click Here
I suggest Cleartone strings.
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I just replaced the top 3 strings yesterday. Took forever, and the first one looks messy as hell, but the rest look nice (The winding around the tuning pin) oh well, atleast next time i'll know what to do.
Yeah, took me like an hour my first time. No big deal, you get to a point where it takes like 15 minutes or so. Usually takes me around 20 because I like cleaning it up real nice. Will take me around 35 total next time since I need to put lemon oil on my fretboard and let it sit for a while.
Man, I remember my first broken string...My bass fell on my classical guitar...snapped four of the strings at once.
I owne a Fender Starcaster, (a strat copy basically), and i broke the high e string. (the thinest one). i got another string incase it broke. My problem is that i do not know how to put the new string where the old one was. Plz tell me how to replace the string??!!
When I first snapped a string I think I jumped a foot out of my chair.

the best part is, it was my third string, and without thinking I told one of my friends "dammit, I just snapped my g string" on the phone. He still looks at me kinda weird.
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