I have a 2008 Jackson RR3 bought new last April that is painted black and the bridge pickup was replaced with a Duncan Distortion Pickup. I have the stock pickup and will include it. I have replaced some hardware with gold hardware though I will include the stock hardware as well. There are just about 3 very tiny spots where paint has chipped off but it is very unnoticeable. Excellent Condition Guitar. I will post more pictures of the Guitar if asked to.

I am looking for either cash (make a offer) or I will trade for a Jackson custom RR3 (The Ivory Pinstripe Color scheme), or a Epiphone Les Paul Custom (White Paint.) Or if interested make a trade offer.
I only got $500
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is a case included?

If that right offer is made yes, I do have a hard shell Flying V case that can be bought also.
Okay I really want to sell this. The case is now included. Anyone have a offer of at least $500.00? A excellent Guitar, new pickup, some new hardware, and a hard shell case.
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Are you interested in a 7 string Ibanez?

Sorry no, I am just interested in cash for it now.

I was wondering where you live...I have the epi les paul custom you are looking for
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