I wrote it in prose, but i figure i should probably separate it for lyrical convenience its rough, short and was written quickly, basically just wrote whatever came to mind. Mind you I don't write much, I'm not very good at this :P

- - - - - - - -

Silence, solitary silence and the inherent loneliness that preceded this. A labyrinth of thought, we took from it what it bore. A gloomy isolation that engulfs, casts shadows and in turn raises pillars, so uncomfortable and strange in an environment that could be some infinitely cruel. A hollow crown, a hollow existence. Creation only as creative as its creator.
Existence well what does it matter.
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Sense of solitude = conveyed
Just in case you were worried it didn't get across, lol..

The idea that solitude is constructive is interesting though. 'Casts shadows and raises pillars' says to me that it causes madness and at the same time fosters invention, which is quite interesting, and something that I can definitely relate to at times.. The last few sentences seem to be a break from this theme toward a more general lamentation of loneliness and while I get (I think) the discomfort with the return of creative muse to the public eye, the hollow crown metaphor is lost on me. Perhaps use a different symbol for rule or authority if that's what you're going for, but as far as I know, crowns are generally hollow which, to me, kills the metaphor.