I recently acquired an Ibanez RG body (HSS) which i've since stripped of paint and finish, and am about ready to re-paint/finish. I've got some parts ordered already, but I have a question about the bridge. Its routed for a locking tremolo, and the body had the posts already inserted. My question is, did Ibanez use its own weird brand of tremolo, or did it use an actual Floyd Rose, I ask because I don't know if the posts will match up exactly with a Floyd, and I'd like to know before I order one.
Ibanez RGs usually have Edge tremolos, which were originally Licensed Floyds but are a trem in their own right.
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So should the bridge post holes match up like they should if I just plunked a normal Floyd in?
maybe, the floyd system and ibanez system have slight differences, check it before you do anyhting major.
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Ok, i'll do the not-lazy thing and actually look up dimensions and take measurements