I'm excellent at rhythm guitar, but feel I've only touched the tip of the iceberg on soloing. As far as legato (think that it) I can hammer on and keep it rolling without picking a string for as long as my fingers can go. I've been practicing pull-offs, like frets
10 9 7 and starting to get it to decent pace and sure I'll get it but didn't know if there was a good exercise for this. Has anyone ever shown you any tips or tricks for executing fast pull-offs?
Do it slow, and try to pull of the string to wear you sort of strum it with your finger. You can do that too much so try to find the sweet spot.
the main tip is loosen your fingers,

Finding a suitable balance for the note to play properly is ideal
i no its not one hundred percent the type of assistance that you wanted

Count 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 and a, match your ull of to that increase your verbal counting making sure it matches each time
this is more of a triplet feel though but it still helps in the same extent
Well, Ive been practicing as much as I can, and definitely have improved. Still no Yngwie Malmsteen, but getting better. Thanks for your tips, very helpful. Quick multiple Pull-offs seem to be one of the trickiest skills to achieve for me. I can hammer on fast as hell, and want to be able to go back down the scale just as fast. Relaxing the fingers has helped, just need to loosen them a bit more. Thanks again.