I am looking to mod one of my acoustic guitars. I play in a two man band (Guitar/percussion) and we incorporate live looping into our sets.

My idea is simple. Mount midi drum pads into the guitar. Basically have one pad for a bass drum, one for a hi-hat, and one for a snare.

The pads can be used to trigger any midi event or sound but my main focus is creating a beat live, then looping it. (Not a big fan of playing to canned music)

I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on this mod, ie; pad placement, drum triggers vs midi pad, wiring etc.

thanks, i'm considering putting the hi hat there to hit with the left hand. it may change.
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its a cool idea, maybe you could place them either side of the bridge

If the initial setup works out, I will probably add more pads behind and slightly under the bridge. These would be used for an instrument sample like bass or strings. For that I would need 13 smaller pads total. 12 for a full octave and one for an octave shift. Patches would be controlled via foot controller.

I'm in the process of locating a used midi drum pad to dissemble.
Any idea on what style or brand I should use?

Ya know, I could always use some of my son's old electronic toys as triggers. LOL
i've seen people just use a piezo element under a rubber practice pad for makeshift electronic drum triggers..

if you can isolate them enough that the piezos arent triggered when you play the guitar or when you hit other pads, then that could be a pretty cheap and simple solution.

the pic in the original post wont load for me, so I dunno about placement..
Don't do this. It will affect the tone of the acoustic IMMENSELY.
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