i was wondering how much a older model of the jackson ke2 would go for. i brought it back in 1990 and the body seems to be a bit different then the newer models. the lower right fin if you call it that is shorter by 2 inches. iam going to ebay it soon and i just want to know what i could fetch for it. there are no scratches dings or whatever it is almost brand new.
Well the original Seymour Duncans and OFR make it a collectible nowadays. Over a 1,000 is what you should ask for it. I will take it for $600 tho, lol.
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it dont come with the OFR anymore that broke about 3 years ago and i replaced it with a LFR. and yes the duncans are still in there. so the difference in body shape dont matter? it's hard to tell by itself but if you set it next to the current ke2 model you would have to be a idiot not to see it is shorted.
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