So I've got a new amp rig. Needless to say, it's a huge improvement from my old AD30VT. :P However, I'm having issues getting a really good, smooth solo sound out of it. This was an issue with my 30VT as well, so I think I'm the one doing something wrong here.

What I want is a Syn-like tone, maybe a bit more "attack". As things are now, the sound either doesn't "come out" or it sounds like tinnitus beeps on the high frets. And it sounds rather... digital.

Pointers? I've heard that a lot of people work the volume knob on the guitar for different sounds, like turn it down and you get cleans, turn it up to max for solo, and such. Opinions...?

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Looks like you've got some LTDs, put them on the bridge pup and turn down the tone a bit, that can make a difference. As well as make sure you've got some good reverb and maybe instead of distortion give it a bit more volume, I find that works for me, but hey everyone is different
Yeah, that's what makes this so hard, everyone's got their tastes. And yeah, LTDs... the EX-50's got its rather weak LH-150 pickups, while the 400's got an EMG 81/60 setup, which is rather aggressive I've found. I'm also going to get thicker strings for the 400, since the high frets almost always sound like tinnitus beeps. Maybe I've got too much gain, I dunno...

I was thinking, if when switching from riffing to solo, perhaps I should turn off the TL-2 and crank the guitar's volume to max (keeping it at around seven for riffing) and just using the bit of gain I always have on the amp. I think I'll try that when I get home...