Hey all
i am a little overwhelmed by all the pickups on the market.
So i was wondering what everyone thinks would be best go for a schecter c-1 blackjack atx fr. two humbucker set up, mahogany body, set in mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, floyd rose bridge.
i will mostly play good metal such, dream theater/john petrucci and opeth. But also for more rock type stuff, iron maiden, GNR etc, the classics, not the new 'pop punk' rubbish or whatever. As well as stuff like joe satriani, and some jazz. Focus is on the metal, but that also needs good clean tone for stuff i like.
So yeah, important is good, heavy, but also clear distorted tone, which will not turn to noise with more complex chords than 5ths at high gain, nice cleans, and good driven sound.
so far im thinking about a dimarzio d sonic/ air norton, set of seymour duncan sh-6 distortions or a seymour duncan sh-5 custom and sh-2 jazz.
if anyone has experience with these then any input would be most appreciated, and also suggestions for others.
Thanks in advance