So I will be buying a second hand Toneport UX1 or GX and I wanted to know does anything in the package (ie. Gearbox, Monkey) have to be re-registered with Line 6 or anything else before I can use it on my computer after the last person??? I think i heard it before that something had to get re-registered but i might be confused with something else?!?! Basically, what i want to know is, If buying the toneport package second hand will i be able to just upload the Geabox, plug in the toneport and play??? Thanks, M.
I just gave one to my friend, it works fine for him, He just put in my activation codes and **** and it all worked.
You can ofc plug in, install and play without registering. If you register you only get software updates time to time via Monkey or you can access the online tone library for presets designed after "famous" artist sounds. If you make sure the former owner of the device deleted the registration, then you can, basically, register again with the same serial
When I upgraded my PC and had to reinstall the software on that I just had to send a simple email to get a new code. It was about a 4 hour turn-around.

It was quite a while ago though and I can't honestly remember if that was for Gearbox/Monkey or Ableton Live Lite.

Either way, it's not a problem!
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