i was wondering how much a older model of the jackson ke2 would go for. i brought it back in 1990 and the body seems to be a bit different then the newer models. the lower right fin if you call it that is shorter by 2 inches. iam going to ebay it soon and i just want to know what i could fetch for it. there are no scratches dings or whatever it is almost brand new. it no longer has the OFR that broke 3 years ago and i replaced it with a LFR that jackson sent me. it still comes with the seymour duncans. also would the difference in body shape matter? here are pictures of a current model of the ke2 and my ke2.
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1. Why 2 similar topics?
2. the pics aren't very clear, can you take better ones please?
3. If it's genuin, i think you could get max 1000$ for it, since you replaced it with a LFR and not an OFR, and since it's just black (no flametop or special paintjob)
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