First impression I get: the mix is letting you down. I'm listening to the second song as I write this, The Flood (interestingly enough Escape The Fate have a song called that...) and the different parts sound a bit separate and not part of the same song, due to the mixing. Too much panning IMO. Musically, a bit soft for me, but I think the songs are fairly solid. I probably wouldn't listen to you guys, but I reckon there's plenty of people who would. I'll listen to the other songs and add more if my opinion changes, but this is what I think for now.

EDIT: Also, there was one part in the flood, about 4 minutes something I think, where the distorted guitar is playing something on it's own. Either too much distortion, or the guitarist needs to learn to handle it, because it sounded fuzzy and a bit messy on some of the notes. Also, the tone was rather thin and fuzzy, not really big and ballsy.

Ok, listening to Desperation, the music is good, I'm liking it, sounds pretty big too, but the vocals don't. The vocals sound, well, like they're not part of the song. I'm not sure how to say it, but they sound like something separate to the song. Lack of reverb I think.

EDIT 2: Ok, listening to War of Hunger now, and again, the guitar tone is just a bit too fuzzy and not big and ballsy enough IMO. Also I think I've realised what is wrong with the vocals, there's not enough force behind them, kinda. It sounds like someone's kind of saying the words, not really singing. Also that tremolo picking part, I'm not sure if that fits really. Nice and heavy though, I'm digging the feel of the song. The clean acoustic part is nice, I like that. Cool contrast. Although it kinda sounds like it should be the end of the song, so I'll be interested to see how you bring the main section back in again, I'm assuming that's what you'll do. I like how the drums come in, that's good. Now it's building up, nice. Ah, then a stop and then the heavy part, good. That works quite well I think. I wrote that as I listened to the song, so there you go.

Ruins is not bad, I like the feel, but again having the acoustic part panned left and the distortion panned right makes it sound like two different songs almost. And again, I don't like the tone. I'm saying that a lot. I like the vocal harmonies, nice. Nice feel to the song I think too.

Silence, again, the guitar tone. Apart from that, good.

So there you have it, my review of your music. Not my cup of tea but not bad. Just a few things that need tweaking in my opinion.
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