I am getting a Fender HSS Mexican Strat for my first, And Maybe a Peavey Vyper 30 Watt Amp.. What Accessories and stuff should I get too? I already have picks, and a tuner..
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what genres of music are you interested in playing? some books to help you out as you get started would probably work, and obviously you'll need a patchcord or two. you could also grab the footswitch for the vypyr
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You should get a second mexican strat and then send it to me.

Seriously though strap locks are nice to have, along with a case or at the very least a gig bag. Pedals are fun to have as well but you should mess around with your amp first to see what you need to get the sound you want.
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A nice strap that feels good to you and straplocks, a stand for the guitar, gigbag or case for the guitar.

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make sure you have a pair of wire cutters for strings, and a pack of extra strings maybe (make sure they are the same gauge as your guitar is already set up with). oh and probably a monster cable