OK, so I'm looking for a new bridge pickup for my Ibanez JTK1 Jetking (basswood body). late last year i put a SD '59 in the neck, so i need something to balance that out. Basically, I'm looking for something that is definitely hotter than the '59 so that i can get a little scream out of it, but i also want something incredibly clear. I guess that would mean that I would want a more modern voiced pup. The tone that I'm going for is pretty close to what Satch sounds like more, except a little ballsier if that makes any sense.

Now, i've already done a little research and checked out both the Pearly Gates and the JB. The pearly gates has beautiful cleans, but i found it to be overall thin and weak, and the JB was big and beefy, pairing well with the '59, but it was not at all as clear as the pearly gates.

In terms of brand, I have no clue. The only one i really know anything about is SD. The absolute most that I'm going to spend is $140 (us).

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i have personally been a huge fan of the duncan jb, cause that thing is high output heaven.

however, if you need the good clean and distortion and like duncans, the duncan screamin demon is PERFECT for you. seymour duncan is putting out a newwer version of them now so you can get the old ver(which is still awesome) for like 70 bucks, they used to go for 120
Duncan Custom 5 all the way, you pretty much described it exactly.
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