I have been playing guitar for 4 or 5 years now, and I have excelled quite well, I have had experienced musicians in disbelief after hearing my playing and they find out i have only been playing a few years...so what i want an opinion on is, how long would it take me to learn piano? If I take on this new instrument I would probably practive at least 1-2 hours a day...I play my guitar every single day and am dedicated when it comes to practicing...thanks folks! I look forward to a response.
I did it the other way round, started with piano then went to guitar. The main problem I found is the coordination, especially picking just at the right time. You might have a slight problem with coordination, but after a month, practising at least 1 and a half hours a day, you should get over that. You will obviously have a lot of agility in your left hand, assuming you play a right handed guitar, but you will need to work on your right hand technique as this is *normally* the hand that plays the melody on the piano.

Good luck though.

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Ask some of those people who "experienced disbelief" after hearing you play.

They'll tell you what you want to hear.
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it depends, if you can read music, then you are in and it will only take time to get used to the piano itself. if you cant read music, it will be agitatingly slow
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unless you plan on being a soloist give up music.
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Anyone can play piano if you're just a bit musical. At least I can even though I've never had a piano or played regularly I can play it decent.
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Not to burst your bubble, but I would say that 4-5 years is a pretty good chunk of time...
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Jesus man, I tried responding to all your insightful replies yesterday, but UG forums kept going down...so here is my 4th attempt...

Firstly, Arrogance was not my goal, I was only stating some reactions to my current skill level by other musicians, I personally despise arrogant people and do my best to be confident but never arrogant...

Secondly, THANK YOU all kindly and to answer one of the replies, I play mainly Acoustic, so much so that when I play an electric i bend the living hell out of every string since my Yamaha's action is insanely high...It takes me a good half an hour to relax my fingers to electric to not bend the chord and distort every note...but I personally enjoy my acoustic more than anything...and I LOVE playing with alternate tunings...DADADD is amawesome...
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DADADD tuning? Curious. I tried open D tuning once, and I found it a bit uncomfortable, so DADADD would probably be annoying for me.

I would definitely say go for it though, piano and guitar are great instruments for composing, and playing both is a definite asset.
🙈 🙉 🙊
Awe man, DADADD is fun to me, any alternate tuning starts off a bit uncomfortable for me as well but this one was just fun as hell, a buddy and I wrote a neat song in a matter of about 30 minutes, he wrote a nifty bass line and i just jammed away, very Goo Goo Doll - ISH.

Again for you people reacting to the misinterpreted arrogance, I am not, sorry I came off that way.

So, the general consensus seems to be go for the piano, it shouldnt be toooo difficult and I personally and hoping the piano takes my guitar theory to the next level...I am completely lacking in that department...
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being a virgin with no social life usually ends in others disbelief.
unless you plan on being a soloist give up music.
arrogance kills any chance of a career in music

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