Hey there i am selling a Korg d4 track recorder, works perfectly has a little dirt on it but will clean before sent. It is worth 250 new im asking for 125, comes with manuals and charger.


Next i have a ps3 with a broken laser, should cost about 40 pounds to replace. It is a 40gb version and works fine apart from not reading the discs. I am asking 65 pounds for this. here is i video of it


I also have 2 games for sale for the ps3, i am asking 10 plus postage each or 20 for both with free postage!!!

The Orange Box: half life 2, half life 2 ep.1, team fortress, and portal

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
How are you sure thats the problem with the ps3? If it costs 40 quid to fix, why are you selling it?
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Ive tryed to asses the problem on the internet, although i cant guarantee that it is indeed the laser, im pretty sure it is. Im selling this as i got it for free and dont want it. Take it or leave it its only 65 pounds.
damn that korg looks nice, how much with delivery?
Been in Japan since August, no fucking money left!
these items are now on ebay, if you are intereted pm me for link as i cannot link here. Bidding for korg starting at 75, 50 for ps3

is the PS3 still for sale? If so I want to bid 60 including shipping to the Netherlands. Shipping should be around 15 pounds.