i have a music composition in for friday for my music gcse
25% of final mark.

im having trouble writing a guitar song. it doesnt have to be amazing or extravagent just has to have a intro verse chorus bridge ending but i will get extra marks for a solo.
also i can use a variation of another riff in the song for another part.

i have a riff but im convinced its been used before and am not sure how good it is.

E--6-6-2-2-2-XX- 9 - 9 -XXXX-4-4 thats my riff.

i was wondering if anyone had tips or guides for helping me write a simple song
im gonna solo in the key of the song when i work it out so i can do that myself
its just writing an intro [must be slower than verse/chorus] verse and minor bridge compared to major song.

if this all makes sense, id love help
To be honest, that chord progression is used waaayyyyyy too much in punk rock. Id try something else.
sounds a little bit like 3's and7's actually. just a bit tho

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hmm, i think that progression is pretty common. it sounds like the chorus of poem by taproot to me. but, i dont really have a lot of help, good luck!
right well yeah,
chord progression looks like
its a standard punk rock thing.
did my music gcse last year (YAY) haha
looks like its in the key od Bb or A# depending
on which way you look at it (correct me if im rock)
id say best bet because its power chords etc
would be Bb pentatonic. try it out to make sure
it sounds right, if not try major or minor.
doesnt have to be extravagant evern simple
licks etc would be good.
Think simplicty for an intro. Same with a solo. If you use that riff, mix it up with a few wierd chords for a bridge section or something.

Oh yeh, for a bit of inspiration id check out buckethead's tabs; a lot of his stuff is relatively simple, yet obviously very effective.