Anyone ever done a trade-in at Daddys Junky Music? (It's a a New England Guitar Center esque type place.) Do you get cash? How much would you get for a few pedals?
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Ask them what you'd get, and if you think it isn't enough, reject their offer and go somewhere else.

It's really very simple, I wonder how people don't think of this stuff themselves.
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Yeah they generally give back half of what they sell it for used. So they do rip you off. On the plus side though if you buy something used, you can get a warranty that allows you to trade it in within a certain period and get 80% back of what you paid. I used it for an upgraded Epi Les Paul Custom that I didn't like too much.
It is better than what GC will do, by a lot. They give you about 1/4 to 1/3 of the original value.
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