Hey guys, I've got a question for you all, has it ever happened to you that your strings suddenly get fibers coming out of them? I've been playing Master of Puppets religiously lately, so I suppose that would explain it if it's just because they've become a bit worn (although you think the same would happen with my Low E,) but I just restringed it like a month ago. It doesn't affect my playing ability, and if it affects my tone, I'm barely noticing it. It seems like I shouldn't be worrying about it, but I'm just wondering if that means that my strings are gonna be snapping soon or that I should restring my guitar or something. The strings I have right now are Elixirs (.010 - .046) and they have "Ultra Thin Nanoweb Coating."

I can post pictures if requested, but yeah. Thanks for any input you guys may have.

Edit: Oh, and, this is the first time it's ever happened, and I usually wash my hands before I play.

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It's the Nanoweb coating around the strings being worn off

nothing really damaging just a bit unsightly
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Sounds like it might be some dead skin that is stuck to your strings. If so, nothing to worry about, just give them a good cleaning.
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well i dont use coated strings, but i do play master of puppets. Im guessing its something to do with the coating on the strings. you should try some un coated strings maybe some d adarios or ernie ball's
it might be the coatings.. go get yourself a nice pack of DR's you wont be disappointed
I agree on the coatings. You should restring your guitar. I use BOOMERS but you should choose what you decide.
its most likely the string coating
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it's the coating on the strings.
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I personally dont wash hands before i play, i find if the fingers are exposed to moisture any short time before playing guitar, the skin peels
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